I Plead Not Guilty!

I swear to you it wasn't me!:

Zac Efron might be regretting making the trip to London to promote High School Musical 3 after he was ambushed last night by an 'crazed fan.'

The man launched himself at Zac before security guards could stop him.

Zac and his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens were leaving the Apollo theatre after seeing Josh Hartnett in Rain Man when the attack happened.

The middle aged man rushed up to the couple and started shouting abuse and pointing at the young stars.

The unknown attacker was carrying a laptop and witnesses say he was trying to grab Zac's hair.

According to reports the man wouldn't let go of Zac and they ended up on the floor. Luckily a bodyguard stepped in and tackled the abusive man.

[Read the entire article here.]

[Addendum @ 2:52PM: Pictures of the crazed middle-aged man have surfaced! Look!]


  1. You may not have been the crazed, abusive man, but I read that Vanessa demanded to know why there was a glasses imprint on Zac's stomach, one that suspiciously matched your frames . . .

  2. OMG, did you get your commenting rights back? Mike and Quin have been giving you a drubbing lately.

  3. Anonymous10/09/2008

    Transcript: Twink you think I'm sexy, say it! C'mon, twink you know I'm sexy! You don't know her, say it! Say you don't know her or I'll pull your hair out! Gradu-dance, bitch, you've finally found me! Gradu-dance or I'll tackle you!

  4. Anonymous, ha ha ha ha ha!