Is This Funny? Weird? Disturbing? Painful? WHAT?!

Have you seen this video clip of hardcore environmentalists crying over dead trees? I honestly don't know how to feel about this:

[Thanks to Peter Varvel, who also can't decide how to feel, for sending me this.]


  1. oh honey, i live in humboldt county. this is all too familiar.

    love the new look, btw!

  2. Gurl, I'm all for a good make-over/tune-up, now and then, but the new format of Bamboo Nation is fuh-REAK-ing me out!
    Makes me feel like last season's fashions . . .

  3. instead of crying over these trees why don't they work another few hours and donate the money to the sierra club or something.

    I love trees as much as the next guy, but I can't help but think that these people are all working really hard to make themselves cry so they can prove to be the most "in touch" with the trees.

  4. I love this and actually had this clip as well as another related one on my blog for a while. Check them out on my blog (Louise on the left) --

    Blog Titled: "What My Republican Neighbors See When They Look At Me."


  5. Michael, I'm glad you like it. I wanted to make the look less cluttered.... And I'm sorry you have to experience those hippies in real life.

    Peter, get with the times!

    TBP, maybe they ARE the most in touch with those trees. Have YOU ever tried to cradle a tree stump in tour arms?

    Louise, thanks. I left another comment on your blog to see if you can try to fix your blog feed, so it can be pumped directly into my veins at all times.

  6. good point Prince, but here what I'm wondering - if they do this for a random tree, how do they react when their dog dies?

  7. I need to rethink this.


    They are thumbing their noses at everyday society.