"Laundromat" Now on Cable AND Online!

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, October 30, 2008
David M. Gil and Edward Gunawan's Laundromat, the short film I'm in, is now in rotation on the Logo channel. But the really great news is that you don't have to have cable to see it. You can actually watch it right now! When you are able to carve out 12 minutes and 45 seconds from your workday, you can view the entire short online for free. That's right—watch it at no charge. All we ask is that you give the video a five-star rating so it can move up in the rankings and possibly win yet another award!
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  1. Peter Varvel Said,

    Yay! I finally got to watch it!
    Applause to cast and crew (I'm envious you got to touch KW's arm, lol).
    You looked good on film, especially the close up by the dryer.


  2. LAP Said,

    What a lovely story. I thought it was simple and moving and powerful. Paulina liked that it was a true incident too, and that you were in it. You look great on camera.


  3. Narrioch Said,

    Ja! Prince running in slow motion! and you got to touch that hunk's arm. But seriously, were you nearly laughing when you said 'squeeze from the end of the toothpaste'??!!!

    and ps, did you get my email through your network? If you did, no worries, if you didn't I'll try another way.


  4. Peter, yes, Keo has nice, oh-so-touchable arms.

    LAP, Paulina is so progressive! xoxo

    WWH, lovely. I just watched it again too, and I teared up a bit.

    Narrioch, yes, I got your lovely message. Anything that doesn't go straight to my e-mail though tends to sit for a while (like when it goes to Facebook or Ning or whatever). I have trouble keeping track!


  5. Maicle Said,

    I am excited to watch this, for real.


  6. Will Blank Said,

    I really enjoyed that.


  7. Solia Jacobs Said,

    yay! i liked it.

    and i loved the impact t-shirt that you were folding. haha. i was like waait a second...that looks familiar!

    good job!


  8. Maicle, I hope you like it!

    Will and Solia, thanks a bunch!


  9. Such a sweet simple reminder to have compassion for one another.



  10. Michael Said,

    Awwww...Prince. You're a star! Okay, well..at least you know to seperate out your whites. I gave you five stars JUST for that!


  11. I JUST watched it and almost teared up when that old man was talking on the street corner. You're a prick, Prince. You should really learn to accept people.


  12. Misty Harris Said,

    A star turn borne of skidmarks. Only someone with your talent could pull it off. Bravo to you, sir!


  13. Superbadfriend, thanks so much! *hugs*

    JTerry, yay!

    Michael, NOT separating the whites is so NOT gay!

    Mike, yes, I am a prick. But I'm learning to better myself. From people like you. *kisses*

    Misty, thanks, and in real life I would NEVER date a guy who had skidmarks!


  14. This film is so moving! I loved this! (Prince, you're so cute and your character is so real and touching.) People should put this on their facebook. (I did.) Besides right now in CA we need to show remind each other how alike we all are in our hearts. Love is love and anyone who wants to get married should be allowed to. Equality for all.

    But, are you really a Virgo? (No wonder you're good at multi-tasking.)


  15. I actually AM a Virgo--but I am not like that character! I'm not! I'm really not!


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