Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

This shouldn't be as goddamn funny as it is. But it is. Andy Samberg does a great impression of Marky Mark:


  1. I know! This is hillarious. But I prefer MadTV to SNL though.

  2. I nearly lost my kibbles and bits when I watched this with Gabriel a few days back. I love Marky Mark as an actor, far more than I should. This sketch distills why.

  3. What a strangely hilarious clip. I laughed my tush off when I first saw this.

    TCDO- MadTV is horrible. Please commit suicide.

  4. TCDO, you get TV in Malaysia? Wait. You get electricity in Malaysia? :)

    Donovan, no shame in liking Marky Mark. He IS a good actor--and who DOESN'T like a good, kick-ass, Mark Whalberg revenge pic? (Communists!)

    Mike, my mom watches MADTV--surely, you're not wishing death upon her.

  5. mad tv will never come close to snl..

    and, i'd like to think mike is making a 'suggestion', not actually advising.


    ps go read my 6sentences, damn you!