More From That Hellhole Called...North Carolina

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, October 13, 2008
Like Obama? Then no parking!

Only in North Carolina...again:

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  1. Annie Said,



  2. NC is not a hellhole. The only reason we're getting this much attention is b/c we're a battle ground state. All the hillbillies are in an uproar b/ c there is a possibility of going blue for the first time in 500 years. THAT'S why all the republicans are using every bit of their intelligence to come up with these Wiley Coyote ploys to swing the vote. We may not be California liberal, but seeing how we're one of the only Southern states to possibly go Dem is impressive in my eyes. But then again, I read your blog, so I'm impressed rather easily.


  3. I just find it rather amusing that whenever the liberals or, if you will, the liberal media elite need to find some real fucktards they manage to find them in North Carolina. But the fact that N.C. is a battleground state is encouraging. And you're there, which must count for something. Drive black people to the polls!


  4. jterry Said,

    Wow... WFMY was my favorite local news station back when I was a lowly college student in NC. Perhaps it was because they would occasionally unleash idiots like this. But, mark my words, that state is going blue this year.


  5. Blue? I will hope. And I will pray. And I'm not even one to hope and pray. But I will.


  6. Isaac Hale Said,

    Mmmmm. Tastes like racism.


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