The Muppets Take Germany...and Your Home

Speaking of the Muppets, Animal keeps taunting German police from the passenger seat of an Audi. You read that correctly. A Muppet is baffling authorities:

An Audi TT with British registration plates has been repeatedly caught speeding on roads in the Bavarian city of Bayreuth.

But because continental speed cameras are set up for left-hand drive vehicles, the cameras keep missing the driver's face.

Instead, they keep capturing clear views of a manic Muppet-like toy which the cheeky Brit has propped up on his passenger seat.

In related Muppet news, did you know that you can custom order a Muppet to your specifications? Yes, that's right. You can even Muppetize yourself! Thanks, FAO Schwarz!

[Thanks to Alan Goy at Experiment Farm and Misty Harris at Popcultini for posting these items.]


  1. No fair, I can't make a muppet of myself because they are all out of long hair...sniff I don't think I will cut my hair to be a muppet.

  2. Narrioch10/28/2008

    Yes! I read that in the news over here in Germany! It's true!

  3. Peter, Muppets aren't cheap like whores. (The ones that YOU buy anyway.)

    LAP, yeah, girls have been buying them up! GIRLS!

    Narrioch, Europeans are wicked!

  4. I came out looking like a Muppet drag queen.

  5. Anonymous10/29/2008

    If you want to see some photos of the Muppet Whatnot Workshop at FAO Schwarz Fifth Avenue as well as the process of creating one, check out

  6. Cheryl, you say that like it's a bad thing.