My Facebook Dilemma, Part 2

I didn't realize my previous post, "My Facebook Dilemma," would spark such a lively discussion in the comments section. I thought most of you would think it was a trivial matter, but you unabashedly joined in my agonizing thought process, as if to alleviate me of some of the burden—thanks for the feedback, people! (By the way, you can always check to see what Bamboo Nation posts are the hottest by browsing the "Top Posts" gadget to the right of this blog. PostRank uses a complicated algorithm that takes into consideration page views, comments, backlinks, and other factors to spit out a list of what's on fire here on Bamboo Nation.)

Well, it's been a week since I discovered that one of my Facebook "friends" is a bigot hatemonger religious zealot supporter of Proposition 8, and I have yet to de-friend this person, despite Ken's convincing plea for me to "TELL THAT MOTHERFUCKER TO GET THE FUCK OFF YOUR FACEBOOK BECAUSE HE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND." (That was, in fact, the general sentiment of most of the group.)

But as I wrote in the comments section:

I should clarify. This "friend" is someone I knew in high school, who was rather friendly to me back then. I requested this person's Facebook friendship because another friend of mine was in contact with this person. I, however, have not even had the slightest bit of online contact with this person at all, except this person sent me a "Scramble" request that I ignored. (I don't do applications.) So, yes, that's why "friend" is in quotes. I do like the idea that my profile picture is a big NO ON 8 button, and that icon keeps showing up on this person's page any time I do something on Facebook. And that icon also will randomly show up on this person's profile page when this person's other friends go there. This person must've seen that profile pic by now, so I'm wondering if we're both not playing a variation of Gay Chicken to see who will delete the other first.

I suppose I'm also getting a bit of satisfaction that all my posts about voting NO on Proposition 8 are fed directly into and appear on my Facebook page, thereby showing up in all my friends' Posted Items section.

But Anonymous explains the urgency in this matter:

If you think you're caught in a game of "de-friending chicken" then you should make sure that you de-friend him/ her first. You lose face anytime somebody de-friends you, at least a little, even if it's somebody you're glad not to be friends with. My advice is that you should preemptively de-friend this person before s/he has the satisfaction of de-friending you.

What to do, what to do....


  1. Defriend that fucker. The drama is not worth it.


  3. Anonymous10/30/2008

    Maybe you should wait until after the election. That way, if Prop 8 loses, you can post a gloating wall-to-wall message before you defriend this person. That would be awesome: "Sorry, I no longer have time to be your friend because I'm too busy celebrating my constitutional victory!" But if Prop 8 wins, then you could just quietly defriend him/ her, no big loss in terms of timing.