Not All of Us Are Preaching to the Choir

First of all, bloggers who link to my open letter about gay marriage are now listed and being updated in the right-hand column of this blog. [Addendum 10.24.08: This list has been moved to the bottom of this post, under the video.]

Secondly, while the sweet flow of comments on the aforementioned post is greatly appreciated, some folks who are known unto us are, surprisingly, not preaching to the choir and are facing opposition on their own blogs—so right now they need your comments of support more than I do, so that their detractors can hear counterpoints from diverse voices and so that people who accidentally land on those blog posts will see the arguments laid out clearly and completely.

It can be annoying to wake up and find ignorant and/or mean comments on your own blog (believe me, I know), so, if you're so inclined and have time, comment over at The Liberal O.C. or Superbadfriend. And Torschlusspanik!! (a U.K. buddy!) is meeting resistance on two different posts, here and here. I'm trying to chime in when I can to clear up misinformation and counter muddled thinking, but I'm booked pretty solid throughout this weekend and away from my precious computer. Perhaps a couple of you may be able to pick up my slack.

And please note that I am not naive enough to think I can change the mind of someone like "OCGator" (a commenter on The Liberal O.C.)—as I pointed out to somebody else, "If you fundamentally think that gays and lesbians are inferior to you, that their worth is less than yours, that they do not deserve all the same rights as you do, then I suppose this conversation can go no further. I leave you alone with you and your judgment, and that is between you and your God."

What I'm actually trying to do is reach people who can be reasoned with, like "Cook," who currently plans not to vote on the issue, or like those who are still undecided. As a point of inspiration, look at Amy LeBlanc's post, in which a commenter wrote, "I was pretty much 'whatever' on this issue until today when someone posted about it"—which shows you the power of some well-thought out words slapped on the good ol' Internet. That's what I'm talking about.

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  1. Great video! Thanks for the links, Prince *mwah*. Other readers please come and comment on mine and my buddy's because people are stumbling across them,reading and commenting. Slowly, but surely!

  2. i have to write with a word prompt of 'style' today...

    it will tie in with your link...