Now THAT Was a Debate

I don't know if its his HUGE...intellect...or what, but can we say—and I think the ladies of Bamboo Nation will back me on this—George Stephan-HOT-poulos?! I mean, as you know, George Stephanopoulos is not really my type, but this man is SEXY! Okay, ladies, can you help in explaining the attraction?

In related the news, tonight's presidential debate was an actual debate, rather than back-and-forth "presentations," as I like to call them. So it was quite entertaining.

And, by the way, Joe the Plumber? He's voting for Obama.

[Addendum: According to a commenter, we actually don't know who Joe the Plumber is voting for. Sorry for jumping the gun.]


  1. hate to tell you, but Joe the plumber is NOT voting for Obama:

    That dailykos story is about another joe the plumber

  2. Goddamn liberal media elite! ;)