Punch-Drunk Pony Rescued From Swimming Pool...for Real

What the hell is up with stupid horses this month? Not to be outdone by the horse who got its head stuck in a tree trunk, "Fat Boy" in the U.K. got hammered and fell in a pool:

The pony, named "Fat Boy," escaped from its stable, broke into a nearby garden with another pony, and began munching the fallen apples.

It is thought that the rotten fruit had begun to ferment, causing the animal to become "drunk."

Twelve-year-old Fat Boy stumbled across the garden and fell into the outdoor swimming pool....

Fire crews spent two hours building a set of hay steps in the pool and hoisted the animal out of the water at 5AM with the help of several harnesses....

"After he got out he was taken back and checked over by a vet, but luckily he's fine."

I can't wait for the inevitable story about Crack Horse.

[Thanks to Narrioch at Torschlusspanik!! for alerting me to this.]

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