Rednecks for Obama. Seriously.

On the radio I've been hearing quite a bit about bigots lately, and a lot of them seem to come from North Carolina. I'm not kidding, and this is not a snide jab at you, BFF—but the radio people time and time again manage to find deep prejudice in your grand state.

So it heartens me to learn about a website—and a movement—called Rednecks for Obama. They are exactly what their name says. And the first testimonial that I found in their guestbook section on the website was written by a redneck...from North Carolina! Mike, there's hope for your people yet!

[Thanks to Jason at Is That a Gavel in Your Pants? for posting this.]


  1. It's just a front for the Klan.

  2. You know, Malaysians are all for Obama too. But not that it mattered.