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It's only been a day since I posted that open letter about gay marriage, but it's already having a nice ripple effect. Many friends of Bamboo Nation, gay and straight (and bi?), are posting their own thoughts about Proposition 8, keeping the conversation alive in the big ol' blogosphere:

Alan Goy (who actually scooped the issue hours before I did): "Jesus would vote NO on Prop 8."

Louise Larsen: "I'm just an Orange County Mom who passionately believes we all deserve the same legal rights in this country."

Amy LeBlanc: "This is about equal rights. And I am into equal rights. For everyone."

The Maykazine: "Asian Americans are 'overwhelmingly against banning gay marriage'.... In my dream, November 4th the Asian Americans polled in this study will vote the way they said they would."

Coyote Tales: "Thanks for the reminder."

Torschlusspanik!! (all the way from the U.K.!): "The world is NOT going to implode, or the population die out, if gays, lesbians, transpeople get married."

I also got lots and lots of e-mail about it. People are pledging to vote NO or e-mailing their friends or donating money or volunteering at phone banks or simply (and powerfully) spreading the word in myriad ways (blasting e-lists, Facebook, MySpace, etc.). Thanks so much for your stories and notes of encouragement—they are greatly appreciated.

I suppose I should chat with people who piss me off more because that open letter also was linked to on several high-profile sites, including Towleroad, AfterElton, and Gay Agenda, which helped Bamboo Nation log more traffic today (2,586 hits on Thursday alone) than any other day this year, which subsequently led us to making some new friends:

Someone in a Tree: "Understand what is REALLY at stake regarding Proposition 8 in California."

Serendipity: "Separate but equal is a violation of civil liberties in this country--and I cannot tolerate it and I hope you cannot either."

If I missed your Prop 8 blog post or you end up writing one, let me know so I can share it!

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