When I heard that High School Musical 3: Gradu-Dancin' broke records in the UK for the most advance tickets sales for a movie in the entire history of cinema three whole weeks prior to its release, I just knew that I had to book my seat here in the United States right away for opening night on October 24, 2008. And so I did.

I have a habit of going to the movies alone (out of all the movies released this year so far, I saw 39 by myself versus 28 with others), but I approach HSM3 with some trepidation. First off, if those tweens who left me threats of violence are going to attack me anywhere, then it's going to be at an opening night screening of Gradu-Dancin'. Remember what they said? "When I figure out where you live, I'm going to shove my school's flag pole up your ass," for example, as well as "I will track down your address and come with my dad's gun (well, guns, in fact) and kill you so you will see the light!" Secondly, believe it or not, I feel shame over my HSM obsession, so much so that I couldn't bring myself to attend the public HSM2 Premiere Party because I couldn't convince any of my friends who had kids to let me borrow their daughter for the night (in order for me not to look like a total perv in Buena Park).

So it's a new year and a new HSM movie. I fear the tweens a little less because they've surely forgotten about me by now, and I have dealt with my issues of shame by continuing to make my obsession public. Repeatedly. But I wouldn't mind having some company, just in case, to form a human shield around me inside the theater and to reassure me that it's all perfectly okay. Plus, some of you asked me directly if you could accompany me.

So, if you would like to join me for High School Musical 3: Gradu-Dancin' on Friday, October, 24, 2008, in the Los Angeles area (sorry, San Francisco) then let me know via e-mail or via Facebook and I will send you a detailed invitation. Please be very clear that we will not be going to make fun of High School Musical. We are going because we have the capacity to temporarily set aside our adult mind and assume the mentality of a 13-year-old girl. (This will not be a problem for gay men. In fact, no adjustment will be necessary.) The only things really required of you is to have a good time; drop your jaw and look at me in stunned silence any time something gay happens on screen; and clap after every single musical number.

[For those of you who are way behind on what my HSM involvement is, check out the handy links in the right-hand column. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!]
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  1. Hey you got any offers yet? For company I mean?

    I'll go with you but there is that problem of a flight ticket you know...


  2. Ah, once again, the limits of geography.


  3. Annie Said,

    I'm in NY, so no go.

    Related question: Do I have to see HSM2 before I see HSM3: Gradu-Dancin'? Or can I just watch a few clips on YouTube?


  4. Quin Browne Said,

    i really may come out there..


  5. Isaac Hale Said,

    Holy crap, I am so going! I'll let you know once I round up a posse =).


  6. Annie, you do not need context to enjoy Gradu-Dancin', but, yes, a few YouTube clips or, simply, reading my posts about HSM will certainly do.


  7. Quin and Isaac, I'll send you the Facebook invite! Yay!


  8. Quin Browne Said,

    may i ride with peter??


  9. Peter Varvel Said,

    Quin, you ride with me in my car.
    I'll ride Prince.


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