Stop Lying to Make Your Case

In the comments section, fellow blogger (and apparent humanitarian!) Stephanie of The Water Glass wrote the following:

I did phone banking for No on Prop 8 last night, and it was a pleasant surprise. I have something of a phobia about making calls to people I don't know, so I was very surprised when I found myself actually enjoying the No on 8 phone banking. I was nervous for the first few calls, but once I got into a groove it felt really good to be doing something positive to support the campaign....

Getting calls out helps correct the misinformation that is being spread by proponents of Prop 8. Check out for information about where you can volunteer.

Clearing up that misinformation is vitally important. For those of you who are not in California, you're lucky enough to be spared the fear-mongering, lie-filled ads that are showing up on television, like this one here. And the latest one, full of half-truths and scare tactics, is running full force:

Lie #1: "Schools began teaching second graders that boys can marry boys." The ad is referring to one specific Massachusetts court case. Using the plural "schools" is a gross exaggeration to make it sound like its a widespread practice that's terrorizing the state.

Lie #2: "Under California law, public schools instruct kids about marriage." According to the Los Angeles Times, "there is nothing in the state education code that requires schools to teach anything about marriage. Even the decision about whether to offer comprehensive sex education is left up to individual school districts." Also, unlike Massachusetts, California has broad opt-out provisions that allow parents to remove their children from class if they feel certain material is objectionable.

Lie #3: "Teaching children about gay marriage will happen here unless we pass Proposition 8." Prop 8 has absolutely nothing to do with school instruction; the state education code barely even mentions any kind of marriage at all, let alone instruction; and guess what?—there are already provisions that say that instruction may not promote bias against anyone on the basis of several categories, including sexual orientation. That's right! The education code has already been protecting gays for years—with no fanfare or controversy or corruption of schoolchildren. Check out the Sacramento Bee.

For any parents out there who still believe that there is some secret homosexual agenda that involves indoctrinating your children, could you please step back for a moment and see how ABSURD that is?!

Believe what you want about gay marriage, but don't spread lies to prove your point. It makes you come across as hateful, petty, childish, mean, and, frankly, a bit stupid. Yes, I said, "Stupid." When you start building your case without the use of lies, ridiculous exaggerations, and deceitful scare tactics, then we can have a healthy discourse.

All this is moot anyway because here is what that ad is really trying to say, ha ha ha ha ha:

Can't phone bank? You can still correct misinformation, even from afar, by commenting on blogs. You can even use my text here, no credit necessary. Just spread the word.


  1. Over here in America's most celebrated colony, the District of Columbia, we will apparently also feel the effects of this Proposition 8 deal. The DC Council wants to legalize gay marriage, but because all their legislation must also be approved by Congress (let the Governator mull over that one), they have to wait until there are enough friendly faces in the Congress to let it through. That part we expect to happen in January 2009, however, if Proposition 8 passes, the effort is probably sunk. So, therefore, vote no on Proposition 8 (and the offensive stuff in Florida and Arizona too). DC residents may not get to vote in Congress, but we should at least be able to get hitched, just like Britney Spears.

  2. I find it really hilarious that people think that if same-sex marriage is legalized that suddenly health classes in public schools will teach about the intimate details of homosexuality or gay sex or something. You know, because health classes always teach you have to have sex with someone of the opposite sex.
    I was debating with a mormon girl I know about why gay marriage should be legalised, and nothing she said was really factual. It was just a lot of what she believes and what she thinks would happen if gay marriage was legalized. Then again, she thinks sexual orientation is a choice.

  3. Thanks Prince,

    most of these blog owner moderate comments and are not posting the comment they are getting... but don't let that stop you from letting you know how you feel...

  4. JTerry, thanks for the link. I knew that Prop 8 would have a ripple effect, but I like seeing the specificity of it. Cool.

    Maicle, yes, keep on debating. You can tell here there are some devout Mormons who are FOR same-sex marriage. (See my previous post.) It'll blow her mind!

    Paula, yes, at least the blog owners will see that they are spreading lies, and they will have to live with that and their conscience. :)

  5. I can't believe I didn't even see that video "commercial" till just now. Perfect. That's great. Good going, PG.