Marky Mark, I Will Consider Loving You Again!

Just days after renouncing my love of Mark Wahlberg, I have been forced to reconsider. After all, his appearance on this weekend's Saturday Night Live showed signs of good sportsmanship and good humor. Anyway, SNL:

And, yes, Sarah Palin was on. She and Tina Fey cross paths here, and Amy Poehler mocks her right in front of her face here. And did you see John Sidney McCain on David Letterman? Here's the full interview. There. That should keep you occupied at work for a while.


  1. I loved this sketch. My girlfriend and I were just in Hawaii, and every time we saw a sea turtle or wild chicken, we'd say, "Hey, how's your mother?"

  2. amy poehler is the bomb.

  3. Cheryl, yes, I think Marky Mark amply redeems himself here.

    Quin, I always thought Amy Poehler was undder-rated, particularly playing opposite Tina Fey as Palin.