Why Must Jay Hernandez Be So Freaking Hot?!

Ai papi! Let's a get a few things out of the way first. Quarantine is actually a pretty good horror movie (waaaaay better that its obvious, handheld camera counterpart, Cloverfield). It involves an outbreak of human super rabies that turns victims into rabid, flesh-eating creeps inside an apartment building that's been quarantined by the CDC. The news crew that captures the proceedings all on video is out on a routine call with the fire department, led by hunky and charming Jay Hernandez. Um, HELLO, Jay Hernandez as a firefighter—why didn't anybody think of this before?!

I remember him from the first two Hostel movies, but, according to IMDb, he's been in a ton of stuff, which I now have to put in my DVD queue. Any suggestions, people? Crazy/Beautiful? Friday Night Lights? Carlito's Way: Rise to Power? Remember that a movie's low quality can be offset by higher levels of nakedness.

Behold his wonder (click to engorge, er, I mean, enlarge):


  1. Crazy/Beautiful is a good choice, if you can get over Kiki Dunst's greasy hair throughout the whole thing. There's some shirtless scenes and even a quinceanera, so you really can't go wrong!

  2. I remember him from Hang Time on TNBC on Saturday mornings. I had a crush on him then and he's only gotten hotter.

  3. Jessica, shirtless AND a quinceanera?! I am SO there!

    Adam, yes, he is aging remarkably well. Mmmmm.

  4. Skip Carlito's Way: Rise To Power which seems to be a video game. But Carlito's Way the original movie was like Scarfacy but not good with Al Pacino trying to redeem himself and Sean Penn playing a creepy ass dude. So bad.

    Undressed I would recommend though I don't remember the plot because it was a show about 20 somethings having sex and they would wrap up the plotlines and start new ones. There were a lot of hot guys and a good amount of gay storylines. And it's not too time consuming.

  5. Babs, thanks for the hot tips! I like, I like!