Zac Efron's Penis

Is that headline just another cheap attempt at generating more web traffic? Well...duh. But it's not without its reasons:

Zefron giveth...and Zefron taketh away. Expressing his desire to shed his Disney-clean image, Zac Efron told The Sun about the kinds of parts he's now seeking: "You know that Daniel Radcliffe role on Broadway—well, it's been mentioned." Zefron was of course referring to Equus, the play in which Harry Potter bares his kibbles and bits.

But you know what? It's now been reported that Zefron is nothing more than a cock tease. As a clarification, he later announced, "No, I think it's a great role, but I was not approached." A BIG OL' COCK TEASE!

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  1. Did you say 'nipples and tits?'

  2. yes, peter, he used cockney slang....