Boy Band Gets Gayer; or: How Is It That My Dreams Keep Coming True?!

Long before 'N Sync's Lance Bass came out of the closet and crushed the hearts of 13-year-old girls around the world, Stephen Gately was actually the first boy-band member to publicly admit he was gay. Back in 1999, Gately put the popularity of his Irish group, Boyzone (perhaps the gayest boy-band name, like, ever) at risk when he told The Sun, "I'm gay and I'm in love!" Coincidentally, it was revealed that he was head over heels for the member of another boy band, Caught in the Act (perhaps the second gayest boy-band name ever). So it is only fitting that Boyzone (reunited last year after disbanding in 2000) is now the first boy band to release a music video featuring a same-sex couple: Gately and some random hottie.

In the video for the terrifically cheesy ballad, "Better," the other band members are paired with women—they gaze at each other, caress, brush cheeks. And Gately does the same with a man. When he sings to his onscreen partner, "See, what I'm trying to say is/You make things better/And no matter what the day is/With you here, it's better," I melt a little.

Don't make fun of me. You know there is a tween girl trapped inside my body. And if you're a gay man who is reading this, you might as well confess to the same thing. CONFESS!

You know you want to watch the video now. So watch it (if the video is no longer available, watch it here):

Back Again...No Matter What: The Greatest Hits, which features Boyzone's best songs plus three new tracks (including "Better"), is available now. It's already on my iPod (the one wrapped in the pink Hello Kitty skin).

[Addendum 11.16.08: When I first posted this, Boyzone was referred to as a "UK group." I have made a correction, and it now reads an "Irish group," after an exchange in the comments section with an astute reader.]


  1. Wow... facial hair is not treating those boys well. They need to go back to being cute twinks! Cute twinks who are wildly popular in sub-Saharan Africa to this day!

    As for the blatant assault on traditional values contained in this video, what I'm trying to say is, you make this, sinful.

  2. They're trying to morph into Manzone. At least that's the idea.

  3. Anonymous11/14/2008

    They're from Ireland, not the UK. Cool video.

  4. Anonymous (or whoever can answer), isn't Ireland part of the UK? Or is it just one part of Ireland that's part of the UK? (Please excuse my American naivete.)

  5. I'm so proud of Boyzone. I mean the rest of the members are so not homophobic arent they? That's so refreshing.

  6. Anonymous11/15/2008

    Hey Prince, for 800 years the British did indeed colonise the entire island, and it is pretty stomach-churning to see anything Irish referred to as British. The Republic of Ireland (from whence Boyzone hail) has been an independent nation for nearly 90 years; Northern Ireland accounts for about a fifth of the island of Ireland and is still part of the UK. I know you didn't mis it up deliberately, but it would be great if you could correct it. Cheers!

  7. Updated! Thanks so much for the info!

  8. weirdly, I do hear one of my friend's voices in my head when I read that comment - I'm going to ask them, if it was them!