A Brandon in Crisis; Plus, Nerds in Los Angeles

After I criticized Brandon Patton yesterday for being bad at promoting his shit, he posted the following comment in a desperate attempt to gain sympathy:
My plans for promoting have been derailed by an unusually difficult tour so far that includes:

1. Gaby not coming on tour so we had to rehearse up a new keyboardist

2. Keyboardist quits after 1 day on tour. We guilt him into staying on.

3. Personal emergency sends me back to New York City, abandoning tour for four days

4. Harrowing car crash in freezing rain that ruins most of our gear (see http://mclars.com/images/photo.jpg)

5. U-Haul rental trailer has a bad hitch and becomes detached on highway

6. Keyboardist quits for real this time

7. Wheel gives out on new rental trailer

8. Drive across Rocky Mountains with post-trauma crew tense with white knuckles

9. New keyboardist flown out from New York, which requires rehearsing in van while driving using small battery operated keyboard

10. Hit a deer driving to California
What a drama queen. (Just kidding. That truck crash looks horrible.)

Anyway, this Monday I'll be going to see him and MC Frontalot play at The Knitting Factory. I'm supposed to tell you to go too. I'm also supposed to tell you that Wil Wheaton is supposed to be there....WHAT?!

In true overdramatic Brandon fashion, here are the deets:
MC Lars is co-headlining this show with us, and he just got re-signed to the Agency Group, a booking agency that really has the power to improve our ENTIRE LIVES! They are sending a scout to this show, and we need to impress. Only thing is, somebody booked us into the bigger room at the Knitting Factory which fits something like 500 people, and if our show is not well attended it's not going to help impress.

Mon. Nov 24, '08
7:00 PM
The Knitting Factory
7021 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
$10 tix at door

I beseech you to get hip to the nerd scene. See you soon!
I've already talked up Frontalot, so I'm going to use this final paragraph to say that MC Lars is AWESOME:

An added bonus: in his everyday life, he's hilarious, so I'm sure some of that will come through in his set.


  1. I'm gonna have to czech this out. Holla! 500 people, it can be done.

  2. Ashley, well then I'll see you there! There's gonna be so many fucking nerds!