Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

[Andrew Dunn, 18, from Arizona (a student at NYU) crowd-surfs in New York City's Union Square while celebrating the news of Obama's victory. Photo by Aaron Lee Fineman.]

Aaron just posted a really buoyant collection of photos he shot in New York after Barack Obama's victory was announced. People were dancing in the streets, playing instruments, crowd-surfing. He started in Union Square, then moved to St. Mark's Place, and describes the outdoor celebration as an "MTV-style dance party." I find these pics to be unusually moving and joyous. Check them out.


  1. Thanks Prince,
    You know, I never thought I would ever witness New Yorkers dancing in the streets. Now, if only I could stop singing "dancing in the streets to myself today" fyi, it's a version by the Grateful Dead that's in my head.
    On a side note, more surprising was to hear so many liberals break singing our national anthem and America the beautiful on the streets last night. It's been years, but I am proud to be an American (again).

  2. Hey, Aaron, people keep telling me that they dig your photos. (They're just shy on my blog.) Just thought you'd like to know.