Don't Hide Your Nerdiness, Brandon!

Goddamn, that Brandon Patton is bad at self-promotion. I've been dying to see Nerdcore Rising, the documentary that honors/skewers him and MC Frontalot, the nerdcore hip-hop group he plays bass in. But I had to find out in an e-mail from the director that the film is coming to Los Angeles, as well as other cities, and has been screening across the country for several weeks now. Anyway, the movie will be in San Francisco, L.A., Portland, Austin, Atlanta, and Philadelphia very soon. Screening information can be found here. The trailer is awesome:


  1. Dammit I already missed the Mpls screening. What good is having Brandon as a Myspace friend if he doesn't send out bulletins plugging wonderful events such as this?


  2. Anonymous11/18/2008

    Thanks Prince. My plans for promoting have been derailed by an unusually difficult tour so far that includes:
    1. Gaby not coming on tour so we had to rehearse up a new keyboardist
    2. Keyboardist quits after 1 day on tour. We guilt him into staying on.
    3. Personal emergency sends me back to New York city, abandoning tour for four days
    4. Harrowing car crash in freezing rain that ruins most of our gear (see
    5. UHaul rental trailer has a bad hitch and becomes detahced on highway
    6. Keyboardist quits for real this time
    7. Wheel gives out on new rental trailer.
    8. Drive across Rocky Mountains with post-trauma crew tense with white knuckles
    9. New keyboardist flown out from New York, which requires rehearsing in van while driving using small battery operated keyboard
    10. Hit a deer driving to California

    So, my apologies for not making this information more available. Check nerdcore rising's website for all screenings... but I do sincerely need to ask people to come to our LA show at the Knitting Factory next week because we are in the big room and we are scared we won't fill it, and there's an important booking agent showing up. Please? Just this once? Wil Wheaton will be there!
    Mon. Nov 24, '08 7:00 PM
    The Knitting Factory
    7021 Hollywood Boulevard (map) $10

  3. Why do none of those 19 things surprise me?