Homeless Dogs Have a Friend in Berlin

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Dogs belonging to homeless and unemployed Berliners can now find nourishment in a canine soup kitchen that has just opened its doors—which brings us to this week's ethical dilemma. Should lame-ass dogs deserve such lavish treatment? Case in point:

[Thanks to Aaron Lee Fineman for sending me the news item.]
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  1. narrioch Said,

    Ach, look at that wee man playing! Homeless dogs have a friend in ME in Berlin, although I don't think I could look after any more! Sterilising dogs isn't the norm here so there's a huge problem with strays and unwanted dogs, it's such a shame and a problem that could be solved if they just dropped the price of the operation.


  2. Sterilizing the boys would be simple. Just tie a rubber band around their balls and wait for them to rot off. Seriously.


  3. Oh, and that's a bull terrier. Wooray!


  4. please tell me the cat in that video is pork chop in his younger, svelter days...

    if not, new workout routine?


  5. You know what? ANYTHING viewed with the Benny Hill theme song in the background is hilarious!


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