It's the Economy, Stupid, Part 2

Speaking of how gay marriage is good for the economy, here's a nifty video that spells it all out for you:

This is a good time for some pre-election, NO-on-Proposition-8 updates:
* My mother, who inexplicably leans right, is voting NO on Prop 8. Boy, that was an easier dinnertime conversation than I expected. In related news, she is no longer voting for McCain. She's not voting for Obama, either, but I'll take what I can get.

* After my round of calls to People Who Are Running for Things in my district, I have 100% compliance! Paul Krekorian (seeking reelection as Assemblymember), Carol Liu (running for State Senator), and Adam B. Schiff (seeking reelection as Congressman) are all voting NO on Prop 8.

* In my continuing search for anti-gay marriage blogs (where I leave counterarguments to keep people in check and to clarify things for folks who stumble upon those blogs), I came across a moving entry from a gay Chinese American who attempted to talk to his father about Proposition 8. It's worth a read.
[Thanks to Ken Narasaki for posting the video.]

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  1. If common sense don't sway them, money definitely will. Kudos.