Jack Bauer Affirms My Life

Despite this blog's healthy readership, I know that my fanatical posts about 24 are of interest to exactly two people. But I am compelled to keep writing about my favorite TV show of all time anyway because, as I told guests at my screening party (after one-and-a-half years of waiting because of the writers strike), "24 is pretty much the only reason I have to live. So, if they ever announce the show's cancellation, be sure to call me immediately!"

Anyway, this is for "Superbadfriend" and "Narrioch":

24: Redemption, the two-hour special movie that just aired and that serves as the lead-in to Season Seven, is FUCKING AWESOME. Exciting, surprising, tense, action-packed, and intermittently moving as usual. Highlights include:

One of Jack Bauer's most awesome kills, which involves twisting a villain's neck in between his legs, while his other limbs are tied up.

The terrific casting decision of hiring Robert Carlyle (from many of Danny Boyle's films) as a former special-ops soldier protecting an African orphanage.

One of the series' most affecting deaths, which had someone sacrificing their life for the benefit of the others (right up there with George Mason piloting a plane with a nuclear bomb on it into Mojave Desert in Season Two and Ryan Chappelle taking bullet to the head in Season Three).

Candyman's in it! And you know how much I loves me my Candyman!

And the son of the new President (played by an icy Cherry Jones) is seriously hot, first appeared on-screen in nothing but a towel, and looks like he's going to be around much of next season. Eric Lively, I don't know who you are, but will you father my children?

If any of you closet 24 fans missed the show tonight and are furious that I didn't remind you that it was on, then fuck you! I can't believe you didn't mark it on your calendar! You don't deserve 24!

I hear that there's a new trailer for Season Seven out, but I refuse to watch it for fear of too many spoilers. (The last trailer contained a mind-blowing revelation that almost ruined my life.)

All right, it's off to the 24 message board. Goodbye.


  1. i will watch it because cherry jones rocks.

  2. Seeing Jack beaten and tied to a wall, was all kinds of awesome 'specially when he kicked that man's ASS with no hands!

    We got to see a softer side of Jack, helping those little orphans. I love that he took out that entire group of bad men with two hand pistols and a 5 sticks of dynamite!

    Am so happy they gave us these two hours to hold us over till season 7 begins.

    My life can go on.

  3. Even though I don't watch 24, I will say that I love when people post passionately about the tv they love more than almost anything else.

  4. What, what, what??? You are so lucky! When will this come our way? Oh my, your mention of Chappelle and Mason just jolted me out of my mind-numbing, life sucking, nay - life-destroying work that I have to do right now. Oh the sad, sad times. But I think Edgar dying got to me a bit more, he was such a sad sack. Big kiss for post though!

  5. Quin, AND she's a lesbian (in real life, right?).

    Superbadfriend, yes, that first action sequence made us all squeal with delight!

    LAP, cool, then I will keep telling you about my "stories." :)

    Narrioch, we were talking about 24 deaths last night, and Edgar was, I think, the one that made us ALL cry. And I think Fox might be making Redeption available online in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted.

  6. Eric Lively is Blake's brother, betch.