Jon Stewart's Righteous Indignation

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, November 06, 2008
The Daily Show's Jon Stewart says a few words about Proposition 8:

[Thanks to To Form a More Perfect Union for posting this.]
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  1. That skeleton lady says that children do best in a low-stress home with a mother and a father? That may be true but when the choice is between living with a lesbian couple in CA or a packed foster home where they get sexually assaulted by old dudes, I'd say the queers win out. Millions of children have no home to go to whatsoever, so don't feed me that bullshit like we live in a perfect society where gays are trying to steal children from loving heterosexual homes. I've seen White Oleanders. I know how these things work.


  2. I really would like to see these "gay friends" of hers.


  3. Cheryl Said,

    Thank you, Jon Stewart, for a little historical perspective on "traditional" marriage! I'm pretty sure most of my straight female friends (whom I walk to school with every day) would prefer not to return to the days when women became their husbands' property in exchange for a couple of goats.


  4. Cheryl, two goats is a lot. Let's put things into perspective here.


  5. Heather Said,

    I hate the 'children need a father and a mother' argument, because when I was younger, two of my best friends had lesbian parents, plus I have at least 3 other classmates with gay parents. I highly doubt they want to be used as these assholes platform.


  6. Heather, I agree. Gay parents rock.


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