Lazy-Ass Cat

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Even Pork Chop's not this lazy:

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  1. Prince, I beg to differ. Maybe he is afraid of heights.....Maybe by going down the stairs that way he lowers his gravity point.

    For instances, I'm afraid of heights. When coming down from the Great Wall of China, I was too scared to climb down vertically so instaed I sit down and make my way down the extremely high staircase one by one, while sitting down.

    See, kitteh is not lazy. Kitteh is smart.


  2. TCDO- I would laugh so hard if I saw you coming down a flight of stairs like that. Were you crying as you did it?


  3. No. But I was shivering. It was the GREAT WALL OF CHINA stairs ok. Have you been up there? That bitch is waaay up high.

    And the staircase was all narrow and steep. I wasnt the only one going down like that. Shit son, it was scary.


  4. Misty Harris Said,

    That cat SO reminds me of the creepy stair-crawler from The Grudge (only much cuter, of course).


  5. That cat is such a little bitch. Pork Chop could SO beat him up (by sitting on him).


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