Lesbo Kisses Abound in Connecticut

Look on the bright side. Same-sex couples began to get married in Connecticut today, setting off a chain reaction of lesbo kisses and homo lip-locks that—GASP!—did not cause the state to collapse into the depths of hell:
The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled 4-3 on Oct. 10 that same-sex couples have the right to wed rather than accept a 2005 civil union law designed to give them the same rights as married couples. A lower-court judge entered a final order permitting same-sex marriage Wednesday morning....

Massachusetts is the only other state that allows gay marriages....

In Connecticut, celebrating couples, some carrying red roses, streamed into the clerk's office to get their licenses....

The health department had new marriage applications printed that reflect the change. Instead of putting one name under "bride" and the other under "groom," couples will see two boxes marked "bride/groom/spouse."

Connecticut voters could have opened the door to ending gay marriage last week by voting for a constitutional convention to amend the state's constitution, but the measure was defeated.
And, hey, folks, while you're in Connecticut, you might as well pop over to glorious Vermont. Did you know that my secret guru lives in Vermont? Don't make fun of me—the only reason I haven't gouged out my eyeballs with the sharp edges of the Book of Mormon is because of my secret guru. And that's a good thing. Remember, I like to see.

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