Live Testicular Examination, Part 2: The Breast Exam Edition

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, November 10, 2008
In the fine tradition of Dr. Chris Steele's live testicular examination, I present to you his live breast examination! It gets really amusing when it hits around the 2:00 mark, but, if you skip ahead, you'll miss the good doctor's explanation about how you have to check for "the crispiness of the nipple." Once again, this is not safe for work or this blog, but I have to increase my straight-male and lesbian readership:

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  1. oh! OH! OH NO YOU DIDN'T! Testicles, yes! Floppy boobs, NO! Now I have to gouge my eyes out! Thanks a lot!


  2. Hahaha!! "That's why I used a younger model so that young women would take note too"....BUUUUULLLLLSHIT.

    Dude just wanna feel her up. This doctor guy is such a perv. And Joe, I think she has nice tits. Perky.

    And this


  3. This guy is a freak. He doesn't care who he takes advantage of.


  4. Dr. Steele is a humanitarian, people!


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