Live Testicular Examination

I know that testicular cancer is nothing to laugh at...but a testicular examination, on the other hand, is a whole other thing. Um...this is not safe for work, and it's probably not safe for this blog either. But I'm all for important public service announcements:

[Thanks to Proceed at Your Own Risk for posting this.]


  1. "wriggly and lumpy" LOL!
    Is it wrong that I found this erotic?
    I loved how the model kept his head turned the whole time, as if ready to cough (and thinking, "Dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies . . . don't get hard")

  2. Mike, this may be the greatest gay porn of all time. It's daring in that it's tender and intergenerational!

    Peter, I can't tell if that model is horrified that he agreed to take money to do this or if he's trying to stifle laughter.

    ...And I can't stop watching this.

  3. OMG!!! He's so hot! Can I play doctor?!

  4. Oh, good Lord. Ewwww.

    For the record, as a straight female, I think the model is 80% horrified, 10% trying not to laugh, 10% wishing he'd asked for more $.

  5. noelalumit11/09/2008

    You know, testicular health is often overlooked. When you get some balls, try taking care of them.

  6. Joe, agreed. I think it's so wrong that he's so hot and in this video.

    Louise, ha ha ha! But I think he's only 79% horrified.

    Noel, I will. And I will pass along what I learn to you for when you get yours.

  7. Anonymous3/27/2011

    ummm okay i get it but i just have one question...Why is this "doctor" not wearing any gloves?