Man, Those Asians Have to Be Overachieving at EVERYTHING!

You know, when I was 19, I was still trying to figure out proper retaliation for getting constantly sexiled from my dorm room. But apparently, 19-year-old Asians should be running for office:
Unofficial results show 19-year-old Jeremy Yamaguchi will become one of the youngest elected officials in the [Orange] County's history....

Yamaguchi said he was "truly humbled" by his election. He is the son of a Placentia police officer and a political science major at Cal State Fullerton....

Yamaguchi was named Placentia's youngest Citizen of the Year last year. He has also volunteered with a number of city organizations and committees. He is also a trombone player and Eagle Scout.

Yamaguchi said to prepare for the campaign, he read a book on local campaigns that said preparation was the key. That, and money.

"It's an eye-opener to see how expensive the campaigning is – even at the local level," he said. "It's at least a dollar a vote."

Yamaguchi spent more than $6,000 on his campaign through Oct. 18, and he loaned his own campaign $3,000, according to financial disclosure records.

To doubters who say he's too young to run a city with an annual budget of nearly $30 million: "I'm not going to doubt that it's once in a million. But across the country, we've had 19-, 18-year-old mayors, and there's nothing that's negative about their track record. They're moving things along just as well as a 55-year-old retired person."
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Asian Pride, can I get a hell yeah?!

[Thanks to Angry Asian Man for posting this.]


  1. All enterprising 19-year-olds should ask themselves, "What would a 55-year-old retired person do?" Perhaps Yamaguchi also enjoys golf and the hit sitcom Reba as well.

  2. I was showing Juliet your blog on the way to letting her read Monologue Madness 22" (Yes, she's 11 and I'm totally okay with that.)

    But - I have to tell you she pointed at this blog post and said "Oh -- "That's like my Pre-Algebra class."

    However, this, I hope, won't make her a shoo-in for "Teen # 2." I'm hoping my daughter would notice his attitude, even if she doesn't see all the bruises.

    She said the 8th graders at her school would totally do this and that even in 6th grade kids use the phrase "that's so gay" all the time.

    Oh, well.

    How is you have your finger on the pulse like this, and why aren't you rich and famous, yet?