Man Tries to Pay Creditor With Drawing of a Spider

The following is an actual e-mail exchange between a man and his creditor:

[Thanks to Allegories of a Bundle of Sticks for posting this.]


  1. Ha ha ha ha! I loved this!
    Poor, put-upon Jane Gilles, LOL.

  2. I laugh every time I read this shit! Ha ha ha!

  3. Apparently David felt he was provided something of completely no value whatsoever, that his time was wasted, and then a large value amount was attached to it.

  4. Anonymous11/20/2008

    This falls into one of my favorite comedy genres: the people-having-to-be-nice-and/or-professional-when-they-can't-or-don't-want-to-be genre. This category includes my YouTube collection of newscasters losing control. It also includes that radio commercial from about a year ago that is a recording of a fellah phoning an airline's customer service line to inquire if he can use their extra leg room for something else since he doesn't have an extra leg. The airline lady is soooo patient.


  5. This is the most hillarious shit. Ever. I couldnt stop laughing.

  6. This spider is amazing, I could laugh at this article for days. It's also the inspiration behind:

    If only we could all get out of paying bills with humor :)