Martha Stewart Makes Mashed Potatoes With Snoop Dogg

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, November 27, 2008
I don't know about you, but, if these two were on TV doing this every day, I would tune in. This is all kinds of hilarious! Watch:

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  1. I actually really love Martha. I mean she kinda scares me but I think she's ossum.

    Also, your blog havent been loading properly as of late. I have to keep on refreshing it. I dunno whether it's an internet thing or maybe a country thing....but yeah...just want you to know.


  2. michael_karo Said,

    if i was that stoned i'd wear shades too. i used a recipe from her mag for my turkey today. i don't get it every month, but her mag is a kind of porn for me, food, decor, gardening...


  3. Snoop Dogg is a sell out. Fo Rizzle!


  4. TCDO, I think I maybe had too much stuff on the page, so I've streamlined a few things. It may be that new news player, I don't know.

    MK, gay!

    Mike, Snoop is my new hero because I now knows he makes mashed potatoes just like everybody else--with alcohol!


  5. that is amazing. I love when he says that he can't even understand himself.


  6. TBP, you know, that Snoop Dogg is one smooth character--and charming and funny. I didn't know!


  7. Phil Said,

    Anybody watch fatherhood last nite? LOL.. Snoop hosted chocs slumber party and that was hilarious


  8. Phil, I wish I had cable because I would watch that show obsessively!


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