My Sister and Proposition 8

As you may know, I talk about my sister way more than I talk to my sister. But I felt the need to contact her about Proposition 8 (the California measure that aims to amend the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage). My family can be unpredictable when it comes to social issues and politics, so I had no idea where she stood, being that we're not that close and she lives in largely conservative Orange County.

She e-mailed me today:

I think that people that are voting yes are stupid, and I want to yell at them striking on the corners of the streets. Our neighbor has a YES on Prop 8 sign on his yard, and we reported him to the city saying that his yard and property are a mess, and it is against code violations. HAHAHAHA.

You know, sometimes I can believe that she and I are related.


  1. I love the ironic symbolism in there, the definition of "mess" . . .

    That's awesome! Tell her your readers are grateful for her support!

  2. Anonymous11/03/2008


  3. It surprised me too, when my very conservative uncle called the Yes on Prop 8 campaign disgusting and told me very passionately that gay people should have the same rights as everyone else. Every time I get the kind of response I'm looking for, I feel like reaching out and hugging - which is fine when I'm with my uncle, but not so good when I'm chatting up a store clerk.

  4. You leftist, elitist Hollywood types are what's destroying the fabric of America. I say Vote Yes on Prop 8!

  5. Peter, my sister doesn't know this blog exists, so I'm not gonna tell her anything!

    Anonymous, ha ha ha ha ha! You remember so well.

    Stephanie, store clerks need love too.

    Mike...and that's why you love us.

  6. I wonder if failure to moisturize one's elbows counts as a health code violation.

  7. Yay for your sister!

    I love her for this! You tell her she's got a friend in Westminster.

    More proof that we're not all bad on the other side of the "Orange Curtain."

    Ps. Note:
    There has been a conspicuous lack of "Yes on 8" on signs 'round here..."What on earth is that all about? she mused with a cryptic smile.


  8. As a general rule, I do not make friends with women who objectifies themselves (ie: Hooters).........but, I think at least now if your sister and I ever meet, I bet can be civilized.

    Props on her. And having that feeling, that feeling of being supported by your family. That's a good feeling right Prince? =)

  9. JTerry, it's not a violation of health code--only moral law.

    Louise...intriguing...hmm.... :)

    TCDO, indeed it feels good. I can't wait for tomorrow!