New Features to Make You Wet, Er, I Mean, Whet Your Appetite

In my continuing effort to keep you coming back to Bamboo Nation and to get you to stay as long as humanly possible (the longer you stay, the more of your soul will I have possessed), I'm experimenting with a few new features that I hope you'll enjoy:

In addition to the various videos that I post within my blog, I'm also going to present you with a handful of interesting news videos. No, I'm not compiling the boring crap that you can find in The New York Times or on The Huffington Post or wherever it is you go to keep "informed"—I'm only going to be bringing you important stuff. For example, my first batch of news videos includes stories about a Thai elephant impregnated by frozen sperm, inmates who crawled through prison ceilings to have sex, two doctors debating porn, a house that walks, and Elton John in a tutu. These short clips are available to the right of this page (if you read my blog through a reader, you'll have to go directly to my site for access), and I'll add new videos almost every day.

Also to the right you'll find "Prince's Blog Picks." I read so much good material, and sometimes I'll blog about it, but most of the time I just digest it and move on. But I'm now sharing certain posts that I think you'll also appreciate.

Instead of piling on a bunch of posts in one sitting like I normally do, potentially overwhelming readers and making them faint, I'm going to spread out my posts more throughout the day. As you can see, today a new post went up every two hours staring at 6AM Pacific Time all the way through 6PM. This way you can visit Bamboo Nation multiple times throughout the day and find fresh material. Of course, not every day will have that many posts, but I will make an effort to spread out the ones I do have.

Finally, I was thinking about adding a "Where in the World Is Zac Efron?" slideshow feature at the bottom of this blog that would cycle in the latest photos of Zefron from around the world. But then I was thinking that that was too singular and that I should make it a slideshow of "Prince's Future Baby Daddies." I don't know. Maybe you have some other slideshow ideas?

...By the way, I just reverted back to the old commenting system because people are having trouble with the new design. So...anyone should be able to leave comments now. Keep that feedback coming! It motivates me to keep on blogging, and it also helps me gauge what kind of posts you like the most. Of course, the ones you like the least, I'll keep posting more of. (Watch out! More boobs and vagina talk are on the way!)


  1. I fully, fully, fully support your All Zefron All the Time slideshow plan. Mmmmmm boy, do I support it.

  2. Yes, spread it out baby, spread it out. I didn't realize is but yes, I was a bit overwhelmed. This way you'll leave us dying for more!

  3. Holy crap! I do not know that you are after my soul! Noooo!!!!....Eh fuck it. Just take it Prince. =p

    1) Elton John in a tutu? Holy mother of all that is pure and true- I want to see it.

    2) Thanks for including me in your Blog Picks. Yay!

    3) No, not Efron only. Baby Daddies slide show is better...more eye candy for us all. Nom nom.

    4) Also, I have been meaning to ask, are you a professional blogger?

    Please note that I am totally kicking Peter's ass at the Top Commentor thing. Haha!

    @ Peter: Bring it, bitch.

  4. Sterling11/21/2008

    I like the idea of Where in the world is Zac Efron. You wouldn't cheat on him by posting other men on here, would you Prince? I'd have to tell him, and it would be a big fiasco.

  5. Popcultini11/23/2008

    Hooray, I can comment again! Now if only I could come up with something worthy to say...