A Straight Guy Tears Up Over Gay Rights

Another complex post about Proposition 8 is forthcoming from me, but in the meantime check out Time's latest article detailing next steps in the battle over gay marriage from both sides of the issue. Also, this startlingly emotional commentary from Keith Olbermann is really something:

[Thanks to Patty Hose for sending me the video.]


  1. These Keith Olbermann clips might end up dragging me away from CNN.

  2. That's absolutely stirring, and well-said.

  3. Amazing! See why I miss the days when he anchored Sportscenter? Though, it's probably for the best that he does this now. Still, I can't help but wonder why he couldn't have given this commentary BEFORE the election when it might have swayed some voters.

  4. I find this quote from the Time article from activist Dean Trantalis to be bewildering: "We have to really blend in and show others that the LGBT people are no different than real, ordinary, commonplace people," he said. "We go to the same jobs, the same schools, and have the same God."

    Yeah, please try not to be too uppity while your rights are being trampled. Let's just blend in. Like beige carpet.

  5. Mike, surprisingly, Ben Affleck does a pretty funny impression of Keith Olbermann: here.

    Jon and Alan, yup, straight guys love straight guys.

    Stephanie, I agreed with you. It's like, "Now be good and blend in with everyone else and don't cause too much trouble." It's a troublesome notion, quite prevalent in the gay community.

    Riding, welcome to Bamboo Nation's dedicated stable of commenters!