Things I Did

Back when I was on LiveJournal, where I started blogging in 2003, I wrote mostly about my day-to-day activities. My LiveJournal acted more as a personal diary than the multidimensional cultural buffet that is Bamboo Nation now. But I've been thinking that this blog could use the hot beef injection of my everyday life (hmm...I'm not sure that's an appropriate metaphor), so I'm now launching a new feature called "Things I Did," which will give you brief snapshots of, well, things I did, particularly when they don't warrant a full-blown entry. Let's recap a few events from the last two weeks:
* Went to see Bright Eyes at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles with Kate, where we fought each other to be the object of Bright Eyes' affection. I saw him first, bitch!

* Saw High School Musical 3: Gradu-Dancin' at the glorious American at Brand in Glendale with Isaac H. and his college buddies and with Lucas and Kate and their friend Jeff. The audience screamed; we wept.

* Josh and I met in Hollywood, where he told me about his multi-episode stint on Pushing Daisies and where we went to see Pride and Glory (meh).
PRINCE: Please don't shatter my illusions. Please tell me that Lee Pace is a nice guy.

JOSH: He's great.

PRINCE: I have a huge huge huge huge huge--

JOSH: --crush on Lee Pace?

PRINCE: I have publicly declared that I want him to father my children.

JOSH: [Blink. Blink.]
* Hung out with Jake. Our phone conversation:
PRINCE: What do you want to do today?

JAKE: Do you like hiking?

PRINCE: Uh...yeah...I like hiking.... Uh...come to Glendale.
Once in Glendale, I took Jake hiking at the Glendale Galleria (a massive indoor mall), The Americana at Brand (a large, upscale outdoor mall), and a shopping complex anchored by a grocery store. Fun was had by all.
* Went to Will's birthday dinner at Chevy's in Burbank, where I loudly announced to the wait staff that it was Will's special day and that he really really really really really loves sombreros.

* Attended a staged reading of Paul Kikuchi's Ixnay, which he developed over the course of two of my playwriting workshops and which will premiere at East West Players next year. Had dinner afterward with Asians in Little Tokyo. Important to keep in touch with my roots.

* Went with Jake to the wine bar that Lucas runs for Lucas's birthday party. I did not drink wine; I had a ginseng cola and a root beer.


  1. I find it very reassuring that Lee Pace is a nice guy. I want his career to explode.

  2. I want Lee Pace's career to explode too...all over my face! (Don't let Paulina read that either.) :)

  3. Luckily she wouldn't understand it, and anyway she disappointed me with her total disinterest and actual refusal to watch The Fall with me. I haven't returned it yet hoping one of the girls will succumb, especially since Pushing Daisies is one of Elizabeth's favorite shows, but to no avail...

  4. Wait, was the shopping complex anchored by a grocery store the one on Eagle Rock and Colorado? I love knowing that I can get my prescriptions filled, buy fish cakes and a quinceanera dress all in one mall.

  5. Not the corner of Eagle Rock and Colorado, but, like, a little further down Colorado near the 2. You know the one.

  6. Um, you DID see him first. Because you were wearing your glasses and I left mine in the car. But have you actually started stalking him? I know I sure have!

  7. Cheryl, I love that Eagle Rock Mall, but I don't think Jake was quite prepared for going to Little Manila yet.

    Kate, not having your glasses is a horrible error in judgment.