Things I Did

Watched two episodes of Kitchen Nightmares in a row last night. Makes me never want to eat in a restaurant ever again. Unless I inspect the kitchen personally before being seated.... And have you seen Little Gordon Ramsey? Hilarious.

Went to The Getty Center with Jake. My favorite piece there has always been James Ensor's Christ's Entry into Brussels in 1889. It's a huge bitch. (Do you think any art critic has ever described a piece as being "a huge bitch?")

Met a casting director at a party.
PRINCE: I'm not an actor, but, if I were, what kind of roles would you cast me in?

CASTING DIRECTOR (in an English accent): Oh, you know, you're sort of the quirky guy. Sort of a Zach Braff type. Good personality.
At which point I wanted to give him a hug, but that would've been awkward.

Acted in a staged reading of Qui Nguyen's Fight Girl Battle World for Lodestone Theatre Ensemble. The play is "geek theater," originating from Vampire Cowboys in New York, and I played a robot playwright.... Hey, wait a minute, was there a particular reason I was cast?

Diablo Cody made me a smoothie in her Magic Bullet Blender. Now that doesn't happen every day.


  1. I would say "Zach Braff but with normal lips." I like Zach Braff but sometimes his lips are overwhelming.

  2. Deebs made something edible? And you DRANK it? ;)

    Don't think the hug would've been awkward, that is sweet.

    I've called Martin a huge-headed bitch once. He wouldn't fit in my rental and I had to go back and rent a larger SUV. One that I was scared to drive.

    Gordon Ramsey is the Simon Cowell of resturants. Love them both.

  3. Cheryl, those are DSL!

    Superbadfriend, that smoothie was SO good! :)