Things I Read

After my op-ed piece, "Why Gay Marriage Is an Asian-American Matter," went live on the Asian Week site, it sparked a comments thread that made me think, "Damn, Asians are angry!" Did you know we were so angry? Don't cross us or we will fuck your shit up!

An elementary school lunch lady made headlines when her pornographic past came back to haunt her. (She used to be known as "Crystal Gunns.") Some parents want her fired; others, like all the dads, think they should leave the lunch lady alone. I agree. Porn people are people too! Read "School Aide's Porn Past Angers Parents."

Speaking of pornographic, an Arkansas man left his phone at a McDonald's, only to discover that the naked photos of his wife that were stored on that phone ended up being circulated on the Internet. Can you say "lawsuit?" Read "Nude Pics in Phone Lost at McDonald's Get Online."

In fringe gay news, "EHarmony to Offer Same-sex Matches After New Jersey Settlement" and "Subway Franchisee Forced to Recall Prop. 8 Donation."

And I must warn you that the following Sarah Palin news interview is stomach-turning—not because it's Sarah Palin talking, but because turkeys are being slaughtered in the background while the interview is happening. Truly surreal and truly disturbing. Watch if you dare. I couldn't get through the whole thing.


  1. Popcultini11/24/2008

    Irony has never been more disgusting than it is in that Sarah Palin video. She's a "friend to all creatures great and small" like she's a BFF to the gays of Alaska. Someone make her go away!

  2. All this anger and porn talk is making me excited!

  3. real turkeys or just republicians?