Why Gay Marriage Is an Asian-American Matter

When Asian Week asked me to write an op-ed piece about the aftermath of Proposition 8 and how the issue of gay marriage ties into the Asian-American community, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. After the San Francisco Chronicle ran an article exploring why Asians were the only ethnic minority to produce a majority of voters against Prop. 8, a reader commented on the Chronicle's website:
Why in the world would the Asian American community ally itself with the gays? The Asian American community [has] virtually nothing in common with the gays except maybe being minorities.
Of course, I had something to say about this. Read "Why Gay Marriage Is an Asian-American Matter."


  1. Great article, Prince!

    I have another historical perspective to add: Most East Asian cultures do not include the European Christian dogma that has evolved into American evangelical, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do, force-you-to-live-by-my-religious-standards-or-else, fascist control. Even though the Christian Right does not want to admit it, the culture war they are waging against gays is a religious one.

    The only example of an overwhelmingly Christian, East Asian culture would be the Philippines, as a result of being converted to Catholicism by Spain. But even then, we don't see Filipinos rabidly attempting to push Catholicism down everyone else's throats. Catholics are more independent-minded, tending to pick and choose the Vatican dogma they will follow. Let’s face it; Catholicism is no longer the proselytizing religion that is was 500 years ago. When was the last time anyone saw a band of badly-dressed, Bible-thumping Catholics roving a neighborhood?

    That having been said, I'm pleased that we have the Asian community on the gay side; the side of justice and equality.

  2. Right!


    I logged my comment.

    Gosh...I feel so...so...Asian!

  3. OMG, did you see some of the comments on that op-ed piece? Asians are angry!

  4. Wow Prince! Who are these angry and out of touch readers of 'Asian Week' that totally missed the point of your article? They're angry and seem to be over intellectualizing the basic facts of the Asian vote against Prop H8. One even claims he doesn't vote and believes Asians as a whole don't vote because they're second class citizens! What's that all about? Like any immigrant minority group, there are ghettos of recently arrived poor, but for the most part I don't see huge swaths of impoverished Asian slums across the U.S., where basic human rights are denied. I wonder what has happened to those commenters in their personal lives to make them feel so down-trodden?

    Perhaps you could look into the issue of how Asian-Americans really feel and write about it from your perspective?

  5. Sterling11/23/2008

    Some of the responses on that piece were absurd. It was good, though.

  6. Sterling11/23/2008

    Well, I wrote a reasoned, thoughtful response to some of the comments posted. It hasn't shown, I don't know if it will. Hmph. I'm rather incensed, I worked on it for 10 minutes.

  7. Sterling11/23/2008

    FUCK! Delete that.

  8. Joe, I think it might be because some of those readers don't live in a big city like I do. I can maybe see Asian Americans in, say, Oklahoma having a skewed worldview. Damn, they're an agitated bunch! :)

    Sterling, it did show up on the site, and it's lovely. Thanks.

  9. Thanks for your work on this, Prince.