Some French dude and some Brazilian chick (Saiba Bombote, 27, and Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak, 20, respectively) won the "Most Beautiful Bottom in the World" competition in Paris, winning 15,000 euros each and a modeling contract from sloggi, an underwear company supposedly familiar with the aesthetic requirements of beautiful butts.

The first photo (above) is of the beautiful asses in question; the second (below) is of the other contestants, whose butts lost and who posed like common red light district whores:

When I saw the headline, "Most Beautiful Bottom," I totally thought the story was going to be about something else entirely.

[Thanks to Alan Goy.]
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  1. I've seen a better pair of asses when my wife and I shower. Those two are nice, but best in the world?


  2. "I've seen a better pair of asses when my wife and I shower."

    Thanks for the new spank material.


  3. xtine Said,

    i'd certainly prefer the most beautiful bottom story you were expecting.


  4. There was an ass competition? Why wasnt I notified?

    Best bottom in the world. Hers? Bizh plz. You never seen my ass.....



  5. I really should hold a "Reader's Ass" contest next.


  6. For some reason I can't picture anyone winning "hands down".


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