You Cannot Judge the Size of Man's Penis When It Is Flaccid!

Since Daniel Radcliffe's flopping penis got a drubbing in the comments section of this blog, OMG, and Defamer, I must jump to his genital defense! You cannot judge the size of a man's penis when it is flaccid! It is inaccurate to issue authoritative commentary about a guy's cock size unless you've seen it fully erect. It just makes sense. I mean, ladies, have you ever tried stuffing a flaccid penis into you? Not fun!


  1. adoresixtyfour11/12/2008

    A friend of mine once claimed that he could not only judge the fully erect size of a man's penis by what it looks like flaccid, but that he could tell by the bulge in a man's pants how big he was at full sail. I asked him if he'd visually measured me. He said he had. I asked him to quote a number in inches. He did...and hit it on the head, so to speak. Lucky guess? Maybe. Or maybe he can communicate with the appendages of other men--the Penis Whisperer?

  2. Not since I was married.

    In my limited experience, I'd say that size is often determined by proportion.

    BTW: I married a guy who stands 6'6"

  3. Adoresixtyfour, "Penis Whisperer"?! Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Louise, "BTW: I married a guy who stands 6'6"? ...Holy shit!