Zac Efron Doesn't Want Your Stinkin' Gifts

Australian fangirls are outraged to learn that the gifts they showered upon Zac Efron and company at the High School Musical 3: Gradu-Dancin' premiere in Melbourne got left behind, especially since some of those fangirls waited up to 12 hours to see the cast:
Stuffed toy kangaroos, koalas, flowers and cards screaming "I love you Zac!" and "Thanks for coming to Melbourne!" were graciously accepted but then left in a room at the venue for cinema staff to take care of.

"Efron and co rushed through their in-cinema speeches, and quickly escaped the complex via a back door, not giving the gift stash a second look as they left the complex," report the Herald Sun.

"Village Cinema staff said they felt so bad for the fans they hid the toys and mounds of flowers in a storeroom out of sight...."

Fans are on the rampage--with the envy of every tween girl, Vanessa "Zac's girlfriend" Hudgens as their target.
Do you think Zefron still has the collage I sent to him? The one with glued-on magazine pictures of him and Polaroids of me?


  1. My guess

    I'm sorry.


  2. You've taken over the comments lead! Take THAT, Americans!