Anderson Cooper Gets (Half) Naked With Michael Phelps; or: Shirtless Reporters and the Bulge-tastic Olympians They Love

On Sunday's 60 Minutes, CNN's Anderson Cooper challenged Olympian Michael Phelps to a race. Was Cooper caught up in the air of sportsmanship...or did he just want to prance around half-nude with Phelps? I lean towards the latter, but, then again, I always approach these types of questions with a "what-would-I-do" attitude. Watch:

Speaking of bulges, can you believe there are people in this world who actually have the time and inclination to make videos like this?:

And they also make videos like this:

I'm not complaining. I'm praising! Glory, glory, hole-lelujah!

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  1. I vote for the latter too. I also think Michael was just as eager to get into the pool with Anderson.

  2. Definitely the latter. But did you notice how Anderson's hair didn't move at all during the swim? Remarkable product use.

  3. I wanna see the footage of them showering together in the locker room. Soap can be slippery and drop!

  4. Anonymous5/07/2009

    anderson didn't even wear a speedo! I bet it was to hide some swelling

  5. Anonymous2/09/2010

    I think Anderson Cooper is the greatest. He has an amazing body for his age. I would love to get my hands on some of that!!! Speedo or not!!!

  6. Anonymous2/09/2010

    I agree! He has the body of a 25 year old. And he looks great all the time. I want me some of that as well.

  7. Anonymous5/06/2012

    I do wonder, who dropped the soap first ?
    Would of loved to been a fly on the wall in the shower room!