Asians and Karaoke: A Deadly Combination

What is it with Asians and karaoke?! Man, I don't know if this is darkly funny or just plain pathetic. Associated Press reports:
A Malaysian man has been stabbed to death by customers at a karaoke bar for singing too much and refusing to share the microphone.

A district police official says witnesses saw a group of men punch and stab 23-year-old Abdul Sani Doli with a knife at the bar late Wednesday in eastern Sandakan town on Borneo island.

The official says a brawl broke out because the men were furious that Abdul Sani was hogging the stage. He says police detained two suspects after Abdul Sani was found dead outside the bar.

Now this isn't the first time karaoke violence has broken out in Asia. (Yes, sadly, the term "karaoke violence" exists in our society.) Remember what happened in the Philippines last year?:
Romy Baligula, 29, was halfway through his song on Tuesday night in a bar in San Mateo town, east of Manila, when 43-year-old security guard Robilito Ortega yelled that he was out of tune.

As Baligula ignored his comments and continued singing, Ortega pulled out his revolver and shot him in the chest.

Senior Superintendent Felipe Rojas said Baligula died instantly....

Deaths and violence are not uncommon in Philippine karaoke bars.

The popular Frank Sinatra song "My Way" has been taken off many karaoke bars in Manila after it was found to be the cause of fights and even deaths when patrons sang out of tune.

Did you see that part where it says, "Deaths and violence are not uncommon in Philippine karaoke bars?!" Jesus Christ!

All of Asia is a karaoke war zone. Remember that time I mangled "Like a Virgin" in Singapore? I could be dead!

Okay, Malaysians and Filipinos (you know who you are!), defend yourselves! And then repent! Repent!


  1. Anonymous12/09/2008

    "All of Asia is a karaoke war zone."

    Ha ha ha!

  2. As much as I wanna say "What a damn shame"....I have to be true to my Asian roots and say that....he probably deserve it.

    I mean, I had a friend who always hogs the mic when we karaoke. I am no longer friends with her. Fucking mic hogger.

    Don't fuck with Asians when it comes to karaoke. That's all I'm sayin....

  3. Prince, I wish more Thai people would kill other Thais if they sang poorly. Geez, I had to stop going to Thai town on Friday nights the Karaoke was so bad.

  4. Anonymous12/10/2008

    Frank Sinatra and his song "I did it my way" is a BATTLE CALL! At least for my poor henpicked Filipino Dad, who WISHES he could do things his way.
    Ban it?! That's heatbreaking.

  5. There must be something in Asian blood.

  6. U.s.a asian karoke violence happen in the 90's, and is normal

    people were shot stabbed and even beheaded all the time in gang warfare violence.

    back then, there was nothing else to do, so gangs do whatever they can,

    then they happen to run into each other, except most of the shootings and beheadings were caused by viets in the u,s