Barbie vs. "The Birds"

It's the toy that I never knew I wanted! Mattel is now marketing a PG-13 Barbie doll that's dressed like Tippi Hedren and that's being attacked by rabid birds, a la the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock film. I don't know about you, but I think this is the kind of toy that breeds serial killers. Not that I'm judging. (Okay, I am judging. For me? Cool. For children? Sick bastard parents!)

[Thanks to Steve G. for sending me this.]


  1. I'm buying this for myself as a xmas present! amazing!

  2. Omigod....

    That's freakin' tempting...

  3. lame.

    once you take her clothes off, she's just gonna look like the 500 other tiny naked Barby dolls in your room, so what's the big deal.

  4. i saw this in the store a few months ago...

    notice she's still perky, even being pecked to death!

  5. I just love the utter pointlessness of this!