Bush Shoe Attack vs. Benny Hill

You've surely seen the video of the Iraqi reporter throwing shoes at George Bush by now, and maybe you've seen the MC Hammer "U Can't Touch This" remix of the incident. But you all should know that my favorite clip would be the one set to the Benny Hill theme song. Watch:


  1. Sterling12/18/2008

    Good God in Heaven I had forgotten how much I detested that man until RIGHT NOW.

    Though he does deserve credit for his ninja skills.

  2. that makes me think two things:

    1. reminds me of the cat attacking the dog video (does that music ever get old?)

    2. I can't believe the secret service response was so slow that the guy managed to throw both shoes before he was taken down and/or someone jumped in front of Bush.

  3. Sterling, ha ha, NEVER FORGET!

    TBP, I'm surprised by the slow reaction from the Secret Service too. They were like, "Whatever, fuck it, we'll get there when we get there."

  4. I guess we shouldn't be THAT surprised...

    that theme song was stuck in my head all day yesterday. I was whistling it all over work and everything. it was awful.

  5. i still can't believe he and laura only had two kids with that kind of bad rhythm....

    ...unless she just said, "NO! You can't touch this~"