Comic-Con Meets Vomit

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, December 10, 2008
There's an argument going on in my household as to whether the mind-boggling music video for Chris Dane Owens's "Shine on Me" is: a.) completely self-aware of its simultaneous brilliance and awfulness or b.) a creepily self-indulgent and earnest (yet disastrous) attempt at artistic transcendence. Either way, the following video is akin to a train full of mental hospital patients crashing into Comic-Con. Watch:

Brandon Patton, this video is dedicated to you.

Readers, what do you make of this?
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  1. what the hell was that? I feel like I just watched some bizarre mash up of Lord of the Rings, Master and Commander, The Princess Bride, and Reign of Fire set to a terrible pop anthem.


  2. I have been to Comic Con, and yes.


  3. Stephanie Said,

    I can't even figure out if that video was made after 1984. It feels so very... retro.


  4. Lisa Said,

    i'm in the middle of finals right now and this made my week. i'm a huge fan of the random alligator. have you looked at his website? totally worth it.


  5. michael_karo Said,

    this is kinda like mommie dearest. i think they were totally serious when they made this, it's technically too well done to be a goof.

    stephanie has a point, it looks pretty 80's.

    compare this to "thing called love" by the darkness. now there they were clearly taking the piss.


  6. I HAVE seen his website, which makes me think he's a real person trying to make real art. Whoops. I mean, "art," in quotes.


  7. michael_karo Said,

    oh...and this guy would have been great for those "white gold" milk commercials!


  8. MK, Loren said the same thing! He is SO White Gold!


  9. Anonymous Said,

    I couldn't watch this all the way through. I tried, really I did. I don't even have anything better to do, I'm using internet in our tour van and just sitting in the back seat while most of the band sleeps. I don't sense any irony here.
    You dedicated this to me? Hey man, these images are wizard rock, not nerdcore hiphop - totally different genre! (See the movie we are wizards).
    This falls under the larger umbrella of "fan art." When people make imitative things to express their love of the original and/or somehow place themselves INTO the orginal art. But what's weird about this song is that the music is so Europop.
    Maybe this will replace rick rolling now that rick rolling has gone mainstream (see Macy's Day parade.)


  10. Brandon, "wizard rock?" Man, I am totally out of the loser loop.


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