Dominic Cooper, Will You Father My Children?

I didn't write about the Mamma Mia! movie when it first came out because I thought it was so atrocious that I didn't want to devote any blog space to it. But now that it's out on DVD and clips are finally floating around on YouTube, I can point you in the direction of the film's one saving grace: British hottie Dominic Cooper prancing around in his swim trunks and puffing on a cigar and singing ABBA's "Lay All Your Love on Me" in a seductive musical number that can easily double as softcore gay porn. I know that the number also boasts a couple dozen other shirtless guys doing a flipper dance (don't ask), but Dominic Cooper's beauty eclipses anything in his path.

Whilst writing this post, I was reminded that earlier this year Nevin Barich boasted about his experience of going to see Mamma Mia!, claiming that he, a straight guy, was getting in touch with his inner homosexual. As I pointed out in his comments section:

Nevin, going to see Mamma Mia! does not constitute an exploration of your inner homosexual--unless you secretly recorded Dominic Cooper doing that musical number with his shirt off and you took it home and watched it in slow motion while jacking it.

...I'm just saying it takes a lot more than ABBA to be labeled as progressive. Go back to square one.

But I digress.



  1. This movie sucks donkey balls to the high heavens.

  2. I hope your new boyfriend stays pretty because he has no future as a singer! lol

  3. TCDO, agreed. Pierce Brosnan's singing? The horror, the horror!

    Misty, oh, I could barely even pay attention to his singing. Too distracted by his HOTNESS.

  4. How can anyone sit through that movie without bashing their own head in with a hammer?

    Don't get me wrong; I love ABBA, and Mr. Cooper is to die for HOT! But the terrible singing was made worse by the fact that they were destroying happy memories of good music! I can't even finish a YouTube clip of any of the scenes! It's torture!

  5. I adore the fact that we have the same taste in men :P...and if you haven't discovered "History Boys"'s worth your time (re: all the hot Dominic you can handle!)

  6. Joe, I can't argue with you about the movie. But watching Mr. Cooper with the sound off helps.

    Fourthirtyam, ah, yes, he's great in the history boys!