Go, Mouse, Go!

A mouse conquers what is considered to be the world's longest and hardest mouse agility course. Need I say more? Watch:

Pork Chop, on the other hand, would steamroll over the course and crush the structures. And then eat the mouse. That, alas, is the nature of things.

[Thanks to Misty Harris for alerting me to this.]


  1. Brainstorm is so amazing. More agile, intelligent, and clever than some humans I know. Just kidding. No, no I'm not kidding. Unfortunately.

    Go Brainstorm!

  2. I wanted to see him get a piece of cheese for his hard work at the end. Now I'm left to worry that he's some kind of mouse slave, forced to do tricks or receive punishment. Brie for Brainstorm!

  3. clever, and obviously has no constipation problems...

  4. Brainstorm needs to be properly compensated for his genius!