Maybe Now I Will Leave My Apartment Every Once in a While

Those of you interested in the mundane activities of my everyday life (well, that's pretty much all of you) will be delighted to know that I recently launched a group blog called Everything Glendale, a site that explores the city in which I live, Glendale, California. Some highlights so far:

"Welcome to Everything Glendale" explains why I put this project together by way of Sesame Street. (But isn't everything by way of Sesame Street?)

"U.K. Takes an Interest in The Americana" continues my obsession with malls and, now, mall-squatting.

"A Place to Take Your Hazardous Waste" deals with what's in the trunk of my car.

"How Can You Resist a Bucket o' Crab?" reveals where I spent my Thanksgiving.

And Robert's amusing "Living in Glendale Will Save the Earth" may sound like gross exaggeration, but, hey, "think globally, act locally," right?

Would you please leave some comments over there so I can get that blog active and get the momentum going? Thanks. (And remember, I said maybe I'll leave my apartment.)

(And I know what's going on in Glendale will actually be of no interest to many of you, but, if you are so inclined, the Everything Glendale RSS feed is right here.)

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  1. My greeny Glendale friend will be so glad to know she's doing her part to save the earth without ever leaving her condo.